Please Coin Terms and Define Concepts Carefully

Coining new terms and defining them deserves special attention for enhanced communication. These are rules of thumb to consider: (1) thoroughly research your concept and related concepts and their names, (2) choose the best possible word(s) for the name of the term, and (3) write an explicit, full definition in your publication. Full dictionary-style definitions are seldom given in biological papers, yet they could certainly enlighten and reduce confusion. I urge editors to allow authors to include such definitions in their papers when they are appropriate.

Key to Abbreviations and Conventions abbr. abbreviation adj. adjective ant. antonym

Brit. British spelling cf. compare [Latin confer]; indicates related terms that are useful to examine in understanding the term in question Comment(s) information that refers to an entire entry def. definition.

Note(s) information that relates to a particular part of an entry pi. plural q.v. which see [Latin quod vide]

See indicates where to find a definition of a particular term given under a synonym or with associated terms elsewhere sing. singular syn. synonym v.i. intransitive verb v.t. transitive verb

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