From the editors:

The editors thank the authors for their patience and good will throughout the production of this volume. We thank Christie Henry for her advice and assistance, which—quite literally—made this project possible. We thank Todd Telander, who translated our figures from meaningless scrawls to a coherent and aesthetically pleasing whole. Finally, we thank Norma Roche for her careful and competent copyediting.

Chapter 1

The overview we present here has been shaped by discussions with many colleagues over the past several decades. Joel Heath and Grant Gilchrist took the eider videos to which the reader is referred in the opening passage, and Joel Heath maintains the Web site on which they are displayed. We thank Dave Moore and Jon Wright for discussion on particular points.

Chapter 2

I thank Tom Getty, Colleen McLinn, and Ron Ydenberg for comments on the manuscript. The National Science Foundation (IBN-0235261) and the National Institute of Mental Health (RO1-MH64151) supported my research during the preparation of this manuscript.

Chapter 3

We would like to thank Robert Gegear and Peter Cain for their many helpful comments on the manuscript and Jennifer Hoshooley for valuable discussion. Preparation of this chapter was supported by grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council ofCanada.

xiv Acknowledgments Chapter 4

We would like to thank Al Riley, George Barlow, Seth Roberts, Andy Suarez, Karen Nutt, and the Animal Behavior lunch group for helpful comments and discussions on early drafts of this manuscript. Thank you also to the editors of this volume for many helpful comments.

Chapter 5

We thank the editors for inviting our participation and for their constructive criticisms. Many individuals helped shape our current views on foraging, especially Joel Brown, Richard Holmes, Robert Holt, William Karasov, Burt Kotler, Carlos Martinez del Rio, Douglas Levey, Timothy Moermond, and Mary Willson. We especially thank Carlos Martinez del Rio, Brenda Molano-Flores, Dennis Whelan, and Mary Willson for reviewing previous drafts.

Chapter 6

I am deeply grateful to three scientists for all that they have taught me: Tom Caraco, John Krebs, and Tony Parsons.

Chapter 7

We thank Dave Stephens and Ron Ydenberg for valuable comments and editing help. AB was supported by a grant from the Swedish Research Council, VR. AL warmly acknowledges the ever-inspiring collaboration with Thomas Alerstam and the Migration Ecology Research Group in Lund.

Chapter 8

I am deeply grateful to colleagues, friends, and students in the Behavioral Ecology Research Group and the Centre for Wildlife Ecology at Simon Fraser University for their commitment to collegial scientific inquiry and for their parts in the parade ofideas, discovery, and natural history that makes working there so endlessly fascinating.

Chapter 9

I thank Earl Werner, Shannon McCauley, Luis Schiesari, Mara Savacool Zimmerman, Mike Fraker, Kerry Yurewicz, Steve Lima, Annie Hannan, Uli Reinhardt, Graeme Ruxton, Tim Caro, Dan Blumstein, Anders Brodin, Will Cresswell, Ron Ydenberg, and Dave Stephens for helpful comments on the manuscript, and Robert Gibson and David McDonald for help in locating a reference.

Chapter 10

We thank E. A. Marschall, K. M. Passino, R. Ydenberg, D. Stephens, and students in our graduate course in behavioral ecology for comments on the manuscript.

Chapter 11

We thank Chris Whelan and the editors for very helpful comments on the chapter. RDH thanks NSF, NIH, and the University of Florida Foundation for support, and Burt Kotler, Joel Brown, Tom Schoener, Doug Morris, Per Lundberg, and John Fryxell for stimulating conversations on foraging. TK thanks NSF for a graduate research fellowship.

Chapters 12 and 13

We are grateful to our many colleagues and students over the years whose discussions, ideas, and insights contributed so very much to our own ideas and worldview. These include Zvika Abramsky, Leon Blaustein, Sasha Dall, Mike Gaines, Bob Holt, Bill Mitchell, Doug Morris, Ken Schmidt, and Tom Vincent. We are especially grateful to our teacher and mentor, Mike Rosenzweig.

Chapter 14

Thanks to Joel Brown and Dave Stephens for substantive help with the manuscript. Thanks to Peter Raven and the Missouri Botanical Garden for sabbatical year hospitality. Thanks to my colleagues Zvika Abramsky, Burt Kotler, and Yaron Ziv for continual intellectual stimulation.

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