Suggested Readings

The basic central place foraging models with which this account begins are best described and interpreted by Stephens and Krebs (1986). The ideas of my own that I present in this essay build on two previous accounts (Ydenberg 1994, 1998) that also describe provisioning models. Students interested in the subject should begin by mastering the material in these publications.

An overview of general ideas about parental care is given by Clutton-Brock (1991). Engrossing accounts of systems in which provisioning is important can be found in Gentry and Kooyman (1986) on fur seals and Winston (1987) on honeybees. Marvelous accounts of avian biology are too numerous to list; I suggest a book by Kemp (1995) on the hornbills, which have one of the more bizarre provisioning systems.

Even advanced students will find the books by Houston and MacNamara (1999) and Clark and Mangel (2000) challenging, but these works are indispensable for a modern and rigorous approach to models ofprovisioning.


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