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Courting males of the armyworm, Pseudaletia unipuncta, release pheromones that deter rival males from approaching receptive females (Hirai et al., 1978). Males also transfer substances that directly reduce the attractiveness of females to rival males. Male Heliconius erato butterflies transfer an anti-aphrodisiac pheromone to the female. The female then disseminates the pheromone from special storage organs called 'stink clubs'. The smell of a mated female is highly distasteful to other males (Gilbert, 1976). Interestingly, these odours are race-specific in this species. A similar situation occurs in the green-veined white, Pieris napi, where males synthesize and transfer a volatile substance, methyl salicylate (Andersson et al., 2000). This is emitted by mated females and acts as a strong deterrent to courting males. Initially this is beneficial to females as it reduces costly harassment from additional males. However, once the female has laid her eggs this gradually turns into a...

Informative value of host volatiles

Several host specific cues, such as pheromones, are used as kairomones by egg and larval parasitoids (Steidle & van Loon 2003). Many egg parasitoids have been shown to use sex, anti-aphrodisiac, or oviposition marking pheromones of their hosts to find microhabitats where host eggs could be expected (Rutledge 1996, Powell 1999, Nufio & Papaj 2001, Anderson 2002, Fatouros et al. 2005a). This use of cues from other stages, other than the one used as an oviposition site by the female parasitoid, has been labeled 'infochemical detour' (Vet & Dicke 1992). Such a detour is worthwhile, as eggs per se hardly release any volatiles (Kaiser et al. 1989), except those adsorbed on the egg surface or those released from compounds attaching eggs to the plant (Frenoy et al. 1992, Renou et al. 1992, Bin et al. 1993). The specificity of response to host pheromones can be extremely high, as seen with the eulophid wasp Chrysonotomyia ruforum that attacks pine sawfly eggs. Females of this wasp only respond...


It is also clear that sperm production involves a considerable cost and that sperm is in limited supply. Male Lepidoptera eclose with a full complement of sperm that cannot be replenished. Sperm limitation may have prompted evolution of several male adaptations to reduce the risk of sperm competition in order to conserve sperm (i.e. protandry, mating plugs, anti-aphrodisiacs and pheromones,

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