Diatoms Diatomaceae

The diatoms are brownish algae commonly seen in aquariums, They are unicellular and generally live attached to the substrate, the aquarium glass, and plant leaves. Shaded situations are preferred, so they tend to appear in largest numbers in poorly lighted aquariums, especially during the autumn months when

Colorful limb of the inflorescence of Cryptocoryne sia mens/s var. ewansii.

Cryptocoryne siamensis var. ewansii.

natural light is weak. Diatoms are harmful to the growth of aquarium plants and also cover the glass with a brown scum. They can be removed from the glass by a scraper or a coarse sponge, but cannot be scraped off the plant leaves. They are best controlled by increasing the light, either by repositioning the aquarium or adding extra light bulbs.

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