Acanthaceae (Acanthus Family)—Alismataceae (Water Plantain Family)—Amaranthaceae—Amaryllidaceae (Amaryllis Family)—Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) (Parsley Family) —Aponogetonaceae —Araceae —Asteraceae (Compositae)—Brassicaceae (Cress Family)—Cabom-baceae (Fanwort Family)—Ceratophyllaceae—Clusia-ceae (Guttiferae) — Commelinaceae—Crassulaceae (Orpine or Crassula Family)—Cyperaceae (Sedge Family)—Droseraceae (Sundew Family)—Elatinaceae (Waterwort Family)—Eriocaulonaceae—Euphorbia-ceae—Halophagaceae (Water Milfoil or Marestail Family)—Hydrocharitaceae (Frogbit Family)—Lemnaceae (Duckweed Family)—Lentibulariaeeae (Bladderwort Family)—Liliaceae—Limnocharaticeae—Lobeliaceae (Lobelia Family)—Lythraceae (Loosestrife Family)— Mayacaceae—Menyanthaceae (Buckbean Family)— Najadaceae (Pondweed Family)—Nymphaceae (Water-lily Family)—Onagraceae (Oenotheraceae) (Evening Primrose Family)—Plantaginaceae (Plantain Family)— Podostemaceae—Pontederiaceae (Piekerelweed Family) —Potamogetonaceae (Pondweed Family)—Primulaceae (Primrose Family)—Saururaceae (Saururus Family)— Scrophulaceae (Figwort Family)

PLANT INDEX (Populär Names)

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