Practical Propagation of

There are only two major methods of propagating aquarium plants: vegetatively and generatively. The vegetative or asexual way is the most practical one for aquarists because of its simplicity. In addition, the plants obtained by vegetative reproduction are relatively mature and develop quickly. Generative propagation (from seeds) is used only for those species which cannot be reproduced vegetatively. It is also of importance where it is necessary to obtain large numbers of young plants, as in nurseries.

From the point of view of the quality of the final product, reproduction from seeds is the better method. If a species is propagated only asexually, only a single form is being systematically repeated. After a few generations there is a strong tendency for the line to deteriorate, showing decreased hardiness in unfavorable conditions, dwarfed growth, or loss of ability to produce flowers, among other problems. All the positive properties of a species can be maintained by reproduction from seeds, although a larger amount of variation than desirable may occur,

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