We would like to thank Daniel Ballow, Esteban Toro, and Margarita Ramos for their tremendous help with hours and hours of digitization, Kiisa Nishikawa (Northern Arizona University) for use of the high-speed JVC camera, and the organizers of the symposium "Ecology and Biomechanics" at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Experimental Biology (2004) for the invitation to contribute to their symposium and book. Luke Harmon provided the information on the topology and branch lengths of the phylogenetic tree. Esteban Toro and Jay Meyers kindly let us use their highspeed movies of jumping A. valencienni and A. carolinensis. Bieke Vanhooydonck and Anthony Herrel are postdoctoral fellows of the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders (FWO-Vl). This work was supported by NSF grants to Duncan Irschick (IBN 9983003 and 0421917).

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