We wish to thank Patrick Drechsler for his assistance in the kinematic analysis and the development of video analysis routines in Matlab. Sebastian Busch helped in the ant morphometry and motion analysis. Heike Feldhaar and Brigitte Fiala provided unpublished information on the phylogeny and distribution of Crematogaster (Decacrema) morphospecies. We are grateful to Werner Baumgartner, Bert Höll-dobler, Reinhard Jetter, Ulrich Maschwitz, Frank Rheindt, and Markus Riederer for support and fruitful discussions. Our study was financially supported by research grants of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (SFB 567/A4 (C6) and Emmy-Noether fellowship FE 547/1-3 to WF).

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