Adhesive Pads of the Beetle Chrysolina Fastuosa

The beetle C. fastuosa possesses hairy adhesive pads [33]. The ventral side of the three first proximal tarsomeres (1 to 3) is covered by tenent setae [28,34]. There are several types of setae. The first type includes setae with curved sharp tips (Figures 7.3A to 7.3C). The second one is characterized by the platelike thickening on the tip so that the seta has a mushroomlike shape (Figures 7.3A to 7.3D). The third one includes setae with spatula-like tips (Figure 7.3C). There are also setae with transitional shapes. Setae of the first type are located on the second and at margins of the first and third tarsomeres. Setae of the second type are situated in the middle of the first and third tarsomeres. Setae of the third type are located in the distal region of the third tarsomeres. Setae with transitional shapes cover areas between setae of different types.

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