The Role of Blade Buoyancy and Reconfiguration in the Mechanical

Adaptation of the Southern Bullkelp Durvillaea 61

Deane L. Harder, Craig L. Stevens, Thomas Speck, and Catriona L. Hurd

Chapter 4

Murray's Law and the Vascular Architecture of Plants 85

Katherine A. McCulloh and John S. Sperry

Chapter 5

Plant-Animal Mechanics and Bite Procurement in Grazing Ruminants 101

Wendy M. Griffiths

Chapter 6

Biomechanics of Salvia Flowers: The Role of Lever and Flower Tube in Specialization on Pollinators 123

Martin Reith, Regine Cla├čen-Bockhoff, and Thomas Speck Chapter 7

Do Plant Waxes Make Insect Attachment Structures Dirty? Experimental Evidence for the Contamination Hypothesis 147

Elena Gorb and Stanislav Gorb

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