Ecology and Biomechanics of Slippery Wax Barriers and Wax Running in

Macaranga-Ant Mutualisms 163

Walter Federle and Tanja Bruening

Chapter 9

Nectar Feeding in Long-Proboscid Insects 185

Brendan J. Borrell and Harald W. Krenn

Chapter 10

Biomechanics and Behavioral Mimicry in Insects 213

Yvonne Golding and Roland Ennos

Chapter 11

Interindividual Variation in the Muscle Physiology of Vertebrate Ectotherms: Consequences for Behavioral and Ecological Performance 231

Carlos A. Navas, Rob S. James, and Robbie S. Wilson Chapter 12

Power Generation during Locomotion in Anolis Lizards:

An Ecomorphological Approach 253

Bieke Vanhooydonck, Peter Aerts, Duncan J. Irschick, and Anthony Herrel

Chapter 13

Implications of Microbial Motility on Water Column Ecosystems 271

Karen K. Christensen-Dalsgaard

Chapter 14

The Biomechanics of Ecological Speciation 301

Jeffrey Podos and Andrew P. Hendry

Index 323

1 Tree Biomechanics and Growth Strategies in the Context of Forest Functional Ecology

Meriem Fournier, Alexia Stokes, Catherine Coutand, Thierry Fourcaud, and Bruno Moulia

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