Plant Surfaces and Other Substrates

Twelve common wild and domestic plants species were used in the experiments: Acer negundo L., Aloe vera (L.) Webb. & Berth., Aquilegia vulgaris L., Berberis vulgaris L., Brassica oleracea L., Chelidonium majus L., Chenopodium album L., Iris germanica L., Lactuca serriola Torner, Prunus domestica L., Trifolium mon-tanum L., and Vitis vinifera L. These include two trees, one scrub, one liana, and eight herbs. Young stems, leaves, or fruits of these plants were collected in the deciduous forest, meadows, gardens, or by roadsides near Jagotin (Kiev District, Ukraine). In addition, clean glass surfaces and the glass surfaces covered with dust particles were used as control substrates for comparison.

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