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compliance monitoring The collection and evaluation of data on pollutant concentrations and loads in permitted discharges in order to ascertain whether or not they fall with within the limits allowed by the discharge permit.

compost An organic fertilizer made from the breakdown by bacteria and other microorganisms of garden rubbish, kitchen vegetable waste, and other biodegradable material. Bacteria in soils are mixed with the waste and the mixture turned regularly to admit air. The organic material breaks down to a relatively stable humus-like material.

concentrate and contain (containment) A method of waste management that involves concentrating potential pollutants and enclosing them in escape-proof containers. For example, the sealing of radioactive substances and their burial underground, or the depositing of compressed waste in sealed and covered landfill sites.

concentration The relative amount of a substance in a given area or volume. For example, the mass of a solute per unit volume of solution, or the concentration of a gas in parts per million by volume.

condensation The conversion of a gas or vapor into a liquid or solid by cooling.

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