Ecology Biodiversity And Conservation

Series editors

Michael Usher University of Stirling, and formerly Scottish Natural Heritage Denis Saunders Formerly CSIRO Division of Sustainable Ecosystems, Canberra Robert Peet University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Andrew Dobson Princeton University

Editorial Board

Paul Adam University of New South Wales, Australia

H. J. B. Birks University of Bergen, Norway

Lena Gustafsson Swedish University of Agricultural Science

Jeff McNeely International Union for the Conservation of Nature

R. T. Paine University of Washington

David Richardson University of Cape Town

Jeremy Wilson Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

The world's biological diversity faces unprecedented threats. The urgent challenge facing the concerned biologist is to understand ecological processes well enough to maintain their functioning in the face of the pressures resulting from human population growth. Those concerned with the conservation of biodiversity and with restoration also need to be acquainted with the political, social, historical, economic and legal frameworks within which ecological and conservation practice must be developed. This series will present balanced, comprehensive, up-to-date and critical reviews of selected topics within the sciences of ecology and conservation biology, both botanical and zoological, and both 'pure' and 'applied'. It is aimed at advanced (final-year undergraduates, graduate students, researchers and university teachers, as well as ecologists and conservationists in industry, government and the voluntary sectors. The series encompasses a wide range of approaches and scales (spatial, temporal, and taxonomic), including quantitative, theoretical, population, community, ecosystem, landscape, historical, experimental, behavioural and evolutionary studies. The emphasis is on science related to the real world of plants and animals, rather than on purely theoretical abstractions and mathematical models. Books in this series will, wherever possible, consider issues from a broad perspective. Some books will challenge existing paradigms and present new ecological concepts, empirical or theoretical models, and testable hypotheses. Other books will explore new approaches and present syntheses on topics of ecological importance. Ecology and Control of Introduced Plants Judith H. Myers and Dawn R. Bazely Invertebrate Conservation and Agricultural Ecosystems T. R. New Risks and Decisions for Conservation and Environmental Management Mark Burgman Nonequilibrium Ecology Klaus Rohde

Ecology of Populations Esa Ranta, Veijo Kaitala and Per Lundberg

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