Marine phytoplankton

The information on the size, morphology and elemental composition of phytoplankton presented in this chapter has been dominated by relationships detected among freshwater species. This is partly attributable to the interests and experiences of the author and not to any lack of corresponding data for the sea; useful data compilations are to be found in, for instance, Mullin et al. (1966), Strathmann (1967), Sournia (1978) and Verity et al. (1992). However, it seemed more interesting to take the data and derivations of Montagnes et al. (1994), corrected for live cell volumes as opposed to those of material shrunk by preservatives, and to compare their findings with the patterns presently discerned among freshwater species.

Montagnes et al. (1994) compiled a thorough compilation of the dimensions and volumes of

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