Linkages of Sustainability

Edited by

Thomas E. Graedel and Ester van der Voet

Program Advisory Committee: Thomas E. Graedel, David L. Greene, Thomas Peter Knepper, Yuichi Moriguchi, David L. Skole, and Ester van der Voet

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Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England

© 2010 Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies

Series Editor: J. Lupp Assistant Editor: M. Turner Photographs: U. Dettmar Typeset by BerlinScienceWorks

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Ernst Strungmann Forum (2008 : Frankfurt, Germany) Linkages of sustainability / edited by Thomas E. Graedel and Ester van der Voet.

p. cm. — (Strungmann Forum reports) Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 978-0-262-01358-1 (hardcover : alk. paper) 1. Sustainability. 2. Conservation of natural resources. 3. Sustainable development. I. Graedel, T. E. II. Voet, E. van der. GE195.L555 2010 333.72—dc22

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