Multiple Males Multiple Copulations per Reproductive Cycle

Reports of multiple mating by a female within a single reproductive cycle exist, but they are the exception rather than the rule among examined species. In his study of more than 200 female B. germanica, Cochran (1979b) recorded just a single instance of a female mating twice prior to her first egg case. In their extensive studies of the same species, Roth and Willis (1952a) noted one pair that copulated twice within a 24-hr period. Hafez and Afifi (1956) report that in Supella longipalpa "copulation may occur once or twice a day" but give no further details. On rare occasions, a female of Diploptera punctata may be found carrying two spermatophores; however, one of these is always improperly positioned (Graves, 1969). Sperm are likely transferred only from the one correctly aligned with the female's spermathecal openings (discussed below).

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