we thank many people for their help over the long years of our joint and separate fascination with weasels. We thank our graduate supervisors, H.N. (Mick) Southern at Oxford and Monte Lloyd at Chicago. We thank all the fellow students and researchers, gamekeepers, wildlife, forestry, and national forest and national parks rangers who helped us to collect material or to make sense of it. We thank the many librarians who tracked down obscure references (especially Amie Oxley, Deidre Garland, and Ann Roth), and Ken Ayers who converted three filing cabinets' worth of reprints into a bibliographic database. We thank all those who lent us original data or illustrations or granted permission to reproduce copyright material: Cornell University Press, Charles Scribner's Sons, Farrar Straus & Giroux, LLC, The Game Conservancy, the Zoological Society of London, the British Museum of Natural History, the New Zealand Science Information Publishing Centre (DSIR), G. Caughley, T. Holmes, H. Grue, C. Magrini, P. Morris, G. Proulx, P. Sleeman, C. St-Pierre, S. Tapper, C. Vispo, and M. Weber.

It is a daunting task to read the entire manuscript of a book with sufficient attention to make constructive criticisms of it, and we are very grateful to Elaine Murphy and two anonymous publishers' reviewers for finding the time to undertake this valuable service. We thank Katharine Lenz and Peter Prescott for their encouragement.

Finally, we thank Lew, Iago, Kim, Sylvia, Carlo, Raja, Minimus, and especially Samantha (Sammy) who, through sharing their lives with us, provided personal glimpses of life as a weasel.

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