Collecting And Preservation

In general, jellyfishes, especially in the GBR region, should not be handled as their stings can be painful or even life-threatening. If it is necessary to handle them, gloves should be worn and safety precautions should be strictly adhered to at all times. Jellyfish can be challenging to photograph, with the diver having to manage lighting, background, currents, and typically uncooperative subjects; however, truly beautiful images can be taken by a skilled and patient photographer. It is important to ensure that the correct permits are in place before collecting or handling any species in the GBR region. Specific collecting and preserving techniques for different groups are available on the internet at curating.html [Verified 13 February 2008].

Jellyfishes do not preserve well in most standard preservatives, and must be preserved in dilute (2-4%) formaldehyde to help retain their original form. Alcohol may be needed to preserve hard parts such stato-liths in cubozoans.

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