Information on bryozoans is scattered in monographs and scientific papers and there are very few popular guides (none for the GBR). However, the internet is becoming a good source of information. The best entry point, especially for photographs of Australian bryozoans, is [Verified 21 March 2008]. The official website of the International Bryozoology Association is [Verified 21 March 2008].

which 72 (40%) were new, giving an indication of the level of taxonomic novelty that tends to occur whenever a tropical island group is explored bryozoologi-cally intensively and for the first time. Some 725 species are known for the Philippine-Indonesian region (i.e. the 'Coral Triangle') which is the most biodiverse marine area globally. Even this region, however, has been explored relatively superficially, both in shallow water and at depth, and one can expect this tally to be doubled. Equally, one should expect more than 1000 bryo-zoan species within the boundaries of the entire Great Barrier Reef Province. While there is considerable overlap of species in the Coral Triangle, a number of species appear, at this juncture, to have limited distributions.

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