Key To The Stolidobranchia

Branchial sac folded (exceptions only when colonial habit is associated with significant reductions in size and simplification of zooids); gut loop folded up at the left of the pharynx; gonads paired, present on each side of the body.

1. Branchial tentacles branched 2

- Branchial tentacles not branched (Styelinae-solitary: Styela, Cnemidocarpa, Polycarpa; Polyzoinae-colonial: Polyandrocarpa, Oculinaria, Stolonica, Symplegma, Botryllinae-colonial systems: Botrylloides, Botryllus) Styelidae

2. Stigmata rectangular, no kidney vesicle on right (Herdmania, Microcosmus, Pyura, Halocynthia, Hartmeyeria) Pyuridae

- Stigmata coiled: kidney vesicle on right (Molgula, Eugyra) Molgulidae

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