They include areas occupied by each land cover class, total length of roads and water courses on a 2,000 m strip centred on each road segment; landscape indexes (total number of patches; total perimeter of edges between different land cover classes; and landscape Shannon diversity index which relates to landscape heterogeneity); and distances from the segment centre to water and to the southwest limit of S. Mamede Natural Park (a mountain range NE-SW oriented that is known for its high levels of humidity and rainfall, where landscapes are particularly well preserved and are good examples of harmonious interactions between man and nature).

The underlying ecological question in this chapter is simple: is there a relationship between amphibian roadkills and any of the explanatory variables?

16.2 Data Exploration

The data were measured along the road, and the sampling positions are marked as dots in Fig. 16.2. The R code we used for this is as follows.

> library(AED); data(RoadKills)

> library(lattice)

> xyplot(Y ~ X, aspect = "iso", col = 1, pch = 16, data = RK)


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