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Data Entry Direct

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Quantifying And Measuring Ecotoxicological Effects

Biomonitoring data form the basis upon which most long-term stewardship decisions are made. These data often provide the critical linkage between field personnel and decision-makers. Data from biomonitoring programs have been very useful in identifying local, regional, and national ecotoxi-cological problems. Natural resource management decisions are being made that annually cost millions of dollars. These decisions should be supported by scientifically sound data. Chapter 10, by Breckenridge et al., discusses why monitoring programs are needed and how to design a program that is based on sound scientific principles and objectives. This chapter identifies many of the large-scale monitoring programs in the United States, how to access the information from the programs, and how this information can be used to improve long-term management of natural resources. Bioindicators are an important part of biomonitoring and reflect the bioavailability of contaminants, provide a rapid and...

Processing the Results of Sorting

After a sample is weighed and the gross weights and container types are recorded on the data form, the net weights are calculated and recorded on the data form. Total net weights are calculated for waste categories sorted into more than one container. Field personnel should calculate net category weights and total net sample weights after each day of sorting to monitor the size of the samples. Undersize samples decrease the accuracy and statistical precision of the results and can violate the contract under which the study is conducted. Oversize samples make sorting the required number of samples more difficult.

Techniques For Behavioral Measurement

There are circumstances under which video recording is an economical alternative to direct observation and offers some unique advantages. The video record can be played and replayed, allowing multiple passes over complex sequences at a resolution of up to 50 frames per second. With a microphone, complex vocalizations can be spectrographically analyzed in context (Wong et al. 1999). The video and sound sequences may be digitized and stored using a PC and video capture board this allows efficient indexed archiving of raw data and use in electronically distributed ethograms. Video can also be time-coded and used with event recording packages to facilitate accurate data entry or even allow automatic data entry for movement, interaction, and some simple postural categories. Video can be used to calculate interobserver and intraobserver reliability, including the drift in ethogram categorization which often occurs in long studies. Limited use of video in pilot studies can allow the...

Groundwater Monitoring

After the wells are installed, the owner or operator monitors them for one year to establish background concentrations for selected chemicals. These data form the basis for all future comparisons. There are three sets of parameters for background concentrations drinking water, groundwater quality, and groundwater contamination.

Statistical Analysis

Urban hydrological phenomena, especially those involving storms, give historical data that can be observed only once, and then will not occur again. Such collected data form an ever-growing sample of measurements. Even if some phenomena can be described by means of physical or rational theory, the input, rainfall, is commonly stochastic in nature and whole phenomena can be amenable to statistical interpretation and probability analysis.

Sorting Containers

Substantial field time can be saved when the containers of each type have fairly uniform weights so that each type of container can be assigned a tare weight rather than each container. When container weights are recorded on the data form after sorting, recording a letter code that refers to the type of container is faster than reading an individual tare weight on the container and recording it on the data form.

Weighing Samples

The digital displays on electronic scales make data recording easier and minimize recording errors by displaying the actual number to be recorded on the data form. When recording weights from a mechanical scale, interpolation between two values marked on the dial is often required. The advantages of mechanical scales are lower cost, reliability, and durability.

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