Gregory Bateson

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Balinese Painting ( Ida Bagus Djati Sura; Batuan, 1937 ) [Analysis, p. 147]

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Bateson, Gregory.

Steps to an ecology of mind.

(Chandler publications for health sciences) Reprint. Originally published: San Franciso : Chandler Pub. Co., 1972. With new pref. Collection of articles reprinted from various periodicals.

"The published work of Gregory Bateson": p. Includes index.

1. Anthropology, Cultural — Collected works.

2. Knowledge, Theory of—Collected works. 3. Psychiatry — Collected works. 4. Evolution — Collected works.

I. Title. II. Series. [DNLM: 1. Anthropology, Cultural — collected works. 2. Ecology — collected works.

Evolution — collected works. 4. Schizophrenic Psychology—collected works. 5. Thinking—collected works. GN 6 B329s 1972a] GN6.B3 1987 306 87-24133

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