Ophiolite Complexes Island Arc Complexes Tectonic Deformation Granitization

Flysch (Turbidite) Complexes Molasse

Regional Metamorphism Tillites

Subduction Zones Land

Figure 3.1 Paleogeography of the late Vendian (560 Ma). See legend on page 50.

China. The prevalence of passive continental margins in the peripheral parts of Gond-wana should be noted.

New glaciations developed in circumpolar areas of Gondwana. The late Sinian (Bay-konurian) glaciation covered Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and North China (Chumakov 1985), and the Fersiga glaciation expanded in West Africa and Brazil (Bertrand-Sarfati et al. 1995; Eerola 1995; Eerola, this volume). Except for Avalonia, Baltica, and Australia, where siliciclastic deposits accumulated, Late Vendian sedimentation was dominated by carbonates, commonly stromatolitic and oolitic dolostones. These were widespread in Siberia (Mel'nikov et al. 1989a; Astashkin et al. 1991), on the microcontinents of the Altay Sayan Foldbelt, Transbaikalia, Mongolia, Russian Far East (Astashkin et al. 1995), North and South China (Liu and Zhang 1993), Somalia, Near and Middle East (Gorin et al. 1982; Wolfart 1983; Hamdi 1995), Morocco (Geyer and Landing 1995), and the Canadian Cordillera (Fritz et al. 1991).

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