Conservation Biological Control and Biopesticides in Agricultural

SD Wratten, Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand Published by Elsevier B.V.

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Conservation Biological Control Further Reading


Conservation biological control is the modification of the environment or of agronomic practices to protect and enhance the efficacy of natural enemies of pest organisms. Biopesticides are natural enemies of pest organisms released en masse to control the pest, where the agent does not usually persist in high numbers in the crop environment. These two methods are the two most recent forms of biological control and are relatively early in their developmental stages. However, these techniques are proving to have potential as effective tools in pest man agement and do not carry the sometimes high risks of classical biological control. This article will not concen trate on conservation biological control or biopesticides in particular crops, pest species, or diseases. Rather, it will assess the theories involved, progress to date, and prospects for further adoption of these practices and products.

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