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OF is a farming system that uses environmentally friendly methods of weed, pest, and disease control. It bans the use ofsynthetic pesticides and fertilizers, empha sizes animal welfare in animal breeding, takes care of the overall harmony of agroenvironmental system and of its biological diversity, and gives priority to renewable sources of energy and to recycling of raw materials.

Thus, OF conforms to the principles of permanently sustainable development of agriculture, which no longer performs only the productive but mainly the nonproduc tive function. OF is perceived as an alternative resolution to the problem of depopulation of the countryside, outflow of workers from primary agricultural production, and partly also a resolution to uneven regional development.

OF adheres to globally accepted principles which are implemented in specific social, economic, geoclimatic, and cultural contexts. The principal aims of organic production and processing are outlined in the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) 'Basic Standards'. These set out an international framework for organic production and processing.

The principles and practices of OF have been consis tently expressed in the standards of IFOAM as

• the principle of health - that is, OF should sustain and enhance the health of soil, plant, animal, human, and planet as one and indivisible;

• the principle of ecology - that is, OF should be based on living ecological systems and cycles, work with them, emulate them, and help sustain them;

• the principle of fairness - that is, OF should build on relationships that ensure fairness with regard to the common environment and life opportunities;

• the principle of care - that is, OF should be managed in a precautionary and responsible manner to protect the health and well being of current and future generations and the environment.

In regard to describing the production method (OF) in different languages, the terms for OF in selected languages are as follows: Spanish: ecologico; Danish: 0kologisk; German: okologisch, biologisch; Greek: ftioXojLxo; English: organic; French: biologique; Italian: biologico; Dutch: biologisch; Portuguese: biologico; Finnish: luon nonmukainen; Swedish: ekologisk; Czech and Slovak: ekologicke; Polish: ekologiczne; Hungarian: Okologiai; Russian: 3Ko jorMVecioe; Croatian: ekoloska; Slovenien: ekolosko; Bulgarian: eiojorMVHo; Lithuanian: ekologines.

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