Exploitation of Microalgal Products

As phylogenetically the oldest organisms, microalgae have adapted to a wide range of extreme habitats. This fact has resulted in the development of numerous protective systems against various stressors - high irra diance in combination with salinity, temperature extremes, desiccation, nutrition deficiency, etc. Microalgae produce various substances such as PUFAs, lipids, antioxidants, or immunologically effective, viro static, and cytostatic compounds. Therefore, microalgae are cultivated commercially for biomass as food and feed additives, as a source of bioactive compounds for pharmacology and cosmetics, or, on a small scale, for research or diagnostic products. The biomass as a pow der, concentrated suspension, or in an applied form is the primary product. The current biotechnology appli cations of the more exploited microalgae are summarized in Table 1.

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