Geographical range hypothesis

After an invasive species has initially established on a new continent, the best predictor of the invasive range is the climatic range of the species on its home continent. Thus, after the invasive species' successful establishment on a new continent, the species is likely to spread throughout the entire climatic range. This spread may take decades or centuries. The 'geographic range hypothesis' is related to niche theory but carried to a landscape scale, because of the idea that species grow best in certain climates and environments. Modelers who attempt to project the even tual spread of an invasive species on a new continent use the ecological niche characteristics ofthe native range. An interesting wrinkle on this idea is that as world climate changes, the potential ranges of invasive species could either enlarge or shrink depending on their abilities to migrate, and occupy habitats within the new climate.

Removing Isolation Mechanisms -Intercontinenal Migration

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