Problem Areas

There are numerous recreational features within the park. One of these is a 15.4 km multipurpose trail. This trail, designated as a National Recreation Trail, begins at the park entrance and completes a 21.7 km loop throughout the park. This is the most popular trail within the park, and is heavily used by bicyclists, joggers, roller bladers, and is wheelchair accessible. Because of its popularity, protection of the trail from erosion is paramount.

A portion of this trail lies along the southern shoreline of the peninsula within Presque Isle Bay, Misery Bay, Marina Lake, and Thompson Bay; this area had been exhibiting significant erosion. Because this area was adja cent to Presque Isle's ecological reservation area, the standard riprap remedy was not appropriate because it did not match the park's designated management pre scriptions for maintaining a natural shoreline appearance.

Another popular tourist attraction is the Perry Monument, dedicated to Commodore Perry. The area surrounding the monument, located along Misery Bay, receives widespread use for shoreline fishing as well as the launching of recreational boats. Normal wave energy along the shoreline of Presque Isle Bay, fluctuating water levels and currents, caused a significant sand bar to develop off the northeast tip of Perry Monument. The sand bar measured approximately 91 m long by 8 m wide by 1.5 m deep (1100 m3) and severely restricted recrea tional boat usage. Removal of the sand bar was essential to preserve the recreational activities at the monument.

A small portion of this sand undoubtedly was the beach sand along the Lake Erie side of the spit. The probable source for the remainder of this sand was the erosion of the shoreline around Misery Bay. Historical photos of this area show that the east shoreline of Misery Bay has eroded several hundred feet since the late 1800s. Suitable disposal of this sand would be difficult because ofits susceptibility to erosion no matter where it would be placed. Rather than following the standard disposal options of this dredged material, the park wanted to find a constructive use for this sand.

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