This book benefited greatly from the direct and indirect influences of the author's colleagues in the Biological Resources Engineering Department at the University of Maryland. They helped teach an ecologist some engineering. Art Johnson and Fred Wheaton, in particular, offered models in the form of their own bioengineering texts.

Strong credit for the book goes to the editors at CRC Press, especially Sara Kreisman, Samar Haddad, Matthew Wolff, and Brian Kenet, whose direction brought the book to completion. Kimberly Monahan assisted through managing correspondence and computer processing. Joan Breeze produced the original energy circuit diagrams. David Tilley completed the diagrams and provided important insights on industrial ecology, indoor air treatment, and other topics. Special acknowledgment is due to the author's students who shared research efforts in ecological engineering. Their work is included throughout the text. David Blersch went beyond this contribution in drafting many of the figures. Finally, sincere appreciation goes to the author's wife, Melissa Kangas, for her patience and help during the years of work needed to complete the book.

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