September 26, 1991 October 12, 1991 July 21, 1992 February 1993 August 1993 September 26, 1993 March 1994 April 2, 1994 April 6, 1994 September 1994 November 1995

History of Biosphere 2 near Tucson, AZ

Project begins; $150 million private enterprise venture Test module experiments begin Closure of first crew inside Biosphere 2

One of the crew leaves for finger surgery, then immediately returns.

Science advisory committee report criticizes Biosphere 2 science program

Science advisory committee resigns

Oxygen is injected into Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 opens; end of first experiment

Closure of second crew inside Biosphere 2

Takeover of old management by owner

Two of the original biosphereans break the seal letting oxygen in End of second experiment

Decision is made to transfer Biosphere 2 to Columbia University for management

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