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This book is intended to be a survey of the discipline of ecological engineering, rather than a design manual. One theme is to review examples of the new, ecologically engineered systems and to put them in the context of ecological concepts and theory. In this sense the book is an introduction to ecology for engineers. It is hoped that the science of ecology will provide suggestions for ways to improve the design of the wide range of ecologically engineered systems that are being built and tested. The book also should be relevant to ecologists as an introduction to the special, new ecosystems that are appearing with increasing frequency in many applications. While it is true that these are "artificial ecologies," the suggestion is made that ecology as an academic discipline can advance through their study.

The following six chapters focus on case study applications in ecological engineering. Examples of designs are described along with ecological details for each case study. A chapter also is included on economics which is critical for real-world implementation of the new designs of ecological engineering. Finally, a conclusion is presented with a theory of new ecosystems and prospects for the future of the discipline.

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