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In this chapter restoration is used as a general term to broadly cover the field. Both policy and technical aspects are included in an effort to provide an overview. The relationship of restoration to environmentalism is discussed first. As with other disciplines which utilize ecology, ecological engineering is related to society's perception of the need to care for the environment. One particular aspect is presented in this section due to its similarity to the engineering approach to design. A more radical form of environmentalism that relates to engineering is also mentioned.

Most of the chapter focuses on restoration practice. The energy signature approach is suggested as a general, guiding principle with special attention given to genetic inputs in restoration. Succession may be the most important tool in this regard and is emphasized. Bioremediation is introduced as a special type of restoration process. Procedural or policy aspects, including indicators of success and reference sites, are discussed as being important issues of the field. Finally, three case studies are described to illustrate topics covered throughout the chapter.

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