Headings from Chapter 10 in Environment, Power and Society That Hint at Important Features of Ecological Engineering

The network nightmare

Steady states of planetary cycles

Ecological engineering of new systems

Multiple seeding and invasions

The implementation of a pulse

Energy channeling by the addition of an extreme

Microbial diversification operators

Ecological engineering through control species

The cross-continent transplant principle

Man and the complex closed systems for space

Compatible living with fossil fuel

How to pay the natural networks

The city sewer feedback to food production

Specialization of waste flows

Problem for the ecosystem task forces

Energy-based value decisions

Replacement value of ecosystems

Life-support values of diversity

Constitutional right to life support

Power density


Source: From Odum, H. T. 1971. Environment, Power, and Society. John Wiley & Sons, New York.

(Mitsch, 1993, 1996; Mitsch and Jorgenson, 1989), and he has established a model field laboratory on the Ohio State University campus for the study of alternative wetland designs (see Chapter 9).

Thus, although ecological engineering is presented here as a new field, it has been developing for the last 30 years. The ideas initiated by H. T. Odum are now appearing with greater frequency in the literature (Berryman et al., 1992; Schulze, 1996). Of note, a journal called Ecological Engineering was started in 1992, with Mitsch as editor-in-chief, and two professional societies have been formed (the International Ecological Engineering Society founded in 1993 and the American Ecological Engineering Society founded in 2001).



Pathway of Energy, Materials or Information Flow Pathway of Money Flow

Work Gate Switch

General Purpose Function Constant Gain Amplifier

Heat Sink

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