List of the Worst Invasive Exotic Species in the U.S.

Zebra mussel Flathead catfish Purple loosestrife Hydrilla Rosy wolfsnail Green crab Tamarisk

Balsam wooly adelgid Leafy spurge Brown tree snake Miconia Chinese tallow

Dreissena polymorpha Pylodictis olivaris Lythrum salicaria Hydrilla verticillata EugCarcinus maenas Landina rosea Tamarix sp. Adelges piceae Euphorbia esula Boiga irregularis Miconia calvescens Sapium sebiferum

Note: This list has been called "America's Least Wanted" and "The Country's Twelve Meanest Environmental Scoundrels."

Source: Adapted from Flack, S. and E. Furlow. 1996. Nature Conservancy. 46(6):17-23.

■a 35 e w 30

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