The authors would like to express their appreciation to Poul Einar Hansen, Leif Albert J0rgensen, Henning F. Mejer. S0ren Nors Nielsen, Bent Hailing S0rensen, Sara Morabito and Luca Palmeri for their constructive advice and encouragement during the preparation of this book. We are particularly grateful to S0ren Nors Nielsen, who translated some of the models to computer languages; to Henning Mejer, who focused on the mathematical aspects of some of the models; to Poul Einar Hansen, who gave valuable advice on Chapter 6 on population dynamics and is the author of the mathematical appendix: to Silvia Opitz, who provided the basic input for Chapter 5 on static models; and to Bent Hailing S0rensen, who gave constructive criticism on Chapter 8 on ecotoxicology.


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