List of contributors xi

1 Introducing insect infection and immunity 1

Jens Rolff and Stuart E. Reynolds

Section A Immune mechanisms and integration

2 Recognition and response to microbial infection in Drosophila 13

Nichole A. Broderick, David P. Welchman, and Bruno Lemaitre

3 Roles of haemolymph proteins in antimicrobial defences of Manduca sexta 34

Emily J. Ragan, Chunju An, Haobo Jiang, and Michael R. Kanost

4 Drosophila as a model for studying antiviral defences 49

Jean-Luc Imler and Ioannis Eleftherianos

5 Specificity of the innate immune system: a closer look at the mosquito pattern-recognition receptor repertoire 69

Suchismita Das, Yuemei Dong, Lindsey Garver, and George Dimopoulos

6 Comparative genomics of insect immunity 86

Fotis Kafatos, Robert Waterhouse, Evgeny Zdobnov, and George Christophides

7 Physiological integration of innate immunity 106

David Schneider

Section B Immune interactions and evolution

8 The inherited microbiota of arthropods, and their importance in understanding resistance and immunity 119

Gregory D.D. Hurst and Alistair C. Darby

9 Polydnaviruses as tools to deliver wasp virulence factors to impair lepidopteran host immunity 137

Sebastien Moreau, Elisabeth Huguet, and Jean-Michel Drezen

10 Immune responses and the evolution of resistance 159

Jacob Koella

11 The impact of physiological state on immune function in insects 173

Shelley A. Adamo

12 Costs and genomic aspects of Drosophila immunity to parasites and pathogens 187

Alex R. Kraaijeveld and Bregje Wertheim

13 Population genetics of insect immune responses 206

Punita Juneja and Brian P. Lazzaro

14 Ecological and evolutionary implications of specific immune responses 225

Ben M. Sadd and Paul Schmid-Hempel

15 Reproductive immunity 241

Michael T. Siva-Jothy


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