Figure 8.10 Species richness as a function of latitude. (A) Regional species richness (standard regional pool). (B) Local species richness based on the Chao2 estimate. (C) Local species richness as Sobs. Lines represent significant, best fits to second-order polynomial equations.

III. Growth of information (more developed plants and animals with more genes), from r-strategists to K-strategists, which waste less energy but also usually carry more information.

This was experimentally confirmed by Debeljak (2002) examining managed and virgin forest in different development stages (e.g. pasture, gap, juvenile, optimum forest). Accordingly, these three growth forms may be considered an integration of Odum's attributes, which describe changes in ecosystems associated with development from the early stage to the mature stage. Clearly, Blackburn and Gaston (1996) were considering only growth form I.

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