Sven E Jorgensen I Brian D Fath

Simone Bastianoni, Joäo C. Marques, Felix Müller, Saren N. Nielsen, Bernard C. Patten, Enzo Tiezzi and Robert E. Ulanowicz

A New Ecology: Systems Perspective

Front cover photo is by B.D. Fath and shows M0ns Klint, Denmark.

The back cover photos show (from left to right) (1) a danish beech forest (Ryget Skov), (2) Krimml Falls in Austria, (3) part of the shore of Namchu Lake in Tibet, (4) Crater Lake, Oregan, USA, and (5) Natron Lake, Tanzania and were taken by S.E. J0rgensen (1 and 4), B.D. Fath (2), and M.V. J0rgensen (3 and 5).

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