Growth in body weight

Captive males (2-60 years): W, = 3,255[1 - exp (-0.149(t + 3.16))]3 kg Captive females (2-70 years): Wt = 3,055[1 - exp (-0.092(t + 6.15))]3 kg Wild elephants: From the relationship between weight and height, the asymptotic weight of 3,255 kg of captive male elephants corresponds to a height of 258 cm. As wild bulls grow, on average, to a height of 274 cm, the predicted asymptotic weight would be about 4,000 kg. For captive female elephants, the asymptotic weight of 3,055 kg can also be used for wild females as there was no evidence for reduced growth in body weight in captivity.

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