refuse-derived fuel red lead noun a poisonous red oxide of lead, used as a colouring in paints. Formula: Pb3O4.

Red list noun 1. a searchable database maintained by IUCN that records the conservation status of different organisms in throughout the world. Full form IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. i> IUCN 2. a list recording the conservation status of a particular type of organism in a specific geographical area O the Red list of the epiphytic lichens of Switzerland redox noun same as oxidation-reduction redox potential noun 1. a measure of the ability of the natural environment to bring about an oxidation or a reduction process 2. the cell potential required relative to a standard hydrogen electrode to cause oxidation at an anode and reduction at a cathode ► abbr rH reduce verb 1. to make something less, smaller or lower, or to become less, smaller or lower. Opposite increase 2. to add electrons or hydrogen to a substance reducer noun an organism that breaks down dead organic matter, e.g. an earthworm, fungus or bacterium reducing atmosphere noun an atmosphere that does not contain free oxygen gas and in which compounds combine chemically with hydrogen reduction noun 1. the process of making something less, smaller or lower, or of becoming less, smaller or lower O The key to controlling acid rain must be the reduction of emissions from fossil-fuelled power stations. Opposite increase 2. the addition of electrons or hydrogen to a substance redundancy noun the situation of not being needed because other similar things exist redundant adjective no longer useful O recycling redundant containers redwood noun a tall North American conifer. Latin name: Sequoia sempervirens. reed noun a grass that grows in water near the shores of lakes (note: The common reed Phragmites communis is used for thatching roofs. The Spanish reed Arundo donax has been used in musical instruments for more than 5000 years.) reedbed noun a mass of reeds growing together reedbed filter noun a reedbed used as part of a system of cleaning sewage or dirty water reef noun a series of low rocks or coral near the surface of the sea re-emerging adjective starting to reappear refine verb 1. to process something to remove impurities O a by-product of refining oil 2. to make changes in order to improve something O We've refined the procedures. refined adjective having had impurities removed O refined oil refinement noun the process of removing impurities in something refinery noun a processing facility where impurities are removed from raw materials such as ore, oil or sugar reflection noun the process of Light, sound or heat being transmitted back towards its source reflex noun a rapid automatic reaction to a stimulus reflux noun a backward flow of a liquid from a boiler in the opposite direction to normal flow, collecting vapour and condensing it so that it can return to the boiler again reforest verb same as reafforest reforestation noun same as reafforestation refract verb to cause a wave such as light or sound to change direction or turn as it passes from one medium into another of different density O On reaching the ionosphere, a direct wave is refracted and returns to the Earth's surface. refrigerant noun a substance used to provide cooling or freezing either as the working substance of a refrigerator or by direct absorption of heat refrigerate verb to keep something cold to prevent deterioration refrigeration noun the process of keeping something cold to prevent deterioration refrigerator noun a machine which keeps things cold refuge noun a safe place where a species can escape environmental change and continue to exist as before refugium noun same as refuge (note: The plural is refugia.) refuse noun rubbish or other forms of waste refuse collection and disposal noun the action of gathering waste together and getting rid of it refuse-derived fuel noun a fuel that is made or processed from refuse. Abbr RDF

refuse disposal

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