Lisa J Buse and Ajith H Perera

6.1. Introduction

6.2. Applications of Forest Landscape Ecology in Ontario

6.2.1. Sociopolitical Drivers

6.2.2. Forest Management Policies and Guides

6.2.3. Applications of Forest Landscape Ecological Knowledge

6.2.4. Enabling Structures

6.3. Transfer of Forest Landscape Ecological Knowledge

6.3.1. Users of Forest Landscape Ecological Knowledge

6.3.2. Role of Knowledge Transfer

6.4. Applying Knowledge Transfer Principles: A Case Study

6.4.1. Brief Description of the Study

6.4.2. Audience

6.4.3. Designing the Study

6.4.4. Implementing the Study

6.4.5. Sharing Results

6.4.6. Disseminating Findings

6.4.7. Developing Applications

6.5. Insights on the Transfer of Landscape Ecological Knowledge

6.5.1. Challenges

6.5.2. General Lessons for Landscape Ecologists

LISA J.BUSE and AJITH H. PERERA • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario Forest Research Institute, 1235 Queen St. E., Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2E5, Canada.

6.6. Conclusions Literature Cited

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