Poplars B Stanton 1441

Spruces, Firs and Larches H Wolf 1449 THINNING see PLANTATION SILVICULTURE: Forest plantations; Rotations; Stand Density and Stocking in

Plantations; Tending; Thinning. SILVICULTURE: Silvicultural Systems. TREE BREEDING, PRACTICES

Biological Improvement of Wood Properties B Zobel 1458

Genetics and Improvement of Wood Properties J P van Buijtenen 1466

Breeding for Disease and Insect Resistance B B Kinloch 1472

Genetic Improvement of Eucalypts B M Potts 1480

Nitrogen-fixing Tree Improvement and Culture J L Brewbaker 1490

Genetics of Oaks A Kremer, L A Xu, A Ducousso and L A Xu 1501

Pinus Radiata Genetics R D Burdon 1507

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