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SAWN TIMBER see SOLID WOOD PRODUCTS: Glued Structural Members; Lumber Production, Properties and Uses; Structural Use of Wood. SILVICULTURE

Silvicultural Systems P Savill 1003

Bamboos and their Role in Ecosystem Rehabilitation I V Ramanuja Rao 1011

Natural Stand Regeneration J Huss 1017

Forest Rehabilitation D Lamb 1033

Treatments in Tropical Silviculture F E Putz 1039

Coppice Silviculture Practiced in Temperate Regions R Harmer 1045

Forest Dynamics A E Camp and C D Oliver 1053

Natural Regeneration of Tropical Rain Forests N Brown 1062

Managing for Tropical Non-timber Forest Products J L G Wong and J B Hall 1066

Unevenaged Silviculture R Helliwell 1073 SITE-SPECIFIC SILVICULTURE

Reclamation of Mining Lands A J Moffat 1078

Silviculture in Mountain Forests W Schonenberger and P Brang 1085

Ecology and Silviculture of Tropical Wetland Forests P Hogarth 1094

Silviculture and Management in Arid and Semi-arid Regions E-H M Sène 1101

Silviculture in Polluted Areas M V Kozlov 1112 SOCIAL AND COLLABORATIVE FORESTRY

Forest Functions A Blum 1121

Social Values of Forests A Lawrence 1126

Common Property Forest Management JEM Arnold 1131

Social and Community Forestry K F Wiersum 1136

Joint and Collaborative Forest Management A Lawrence and S Gillett 1143

Forest and Tree Tenure and Ownership C Danks and L Fortmann 1157

Canadian Model Forest Experience J E Hall and B Bonnell 1162

Public Participation in Forest Decision Making S R J Sheppard and C M Achiam 1173 SOIL BIOLOGY AND TREE GROWTH

Soil Biology C J Weston and K L Whittaker 1183

Soil and its Relationship to Forest Productivity and Health J A Burger 1189

Tree Roots and their Interaction with Soil K H Ludovici 1195

Soil Organic Matter Forms and Functions L A Morris 1201 SOIL DEVELOPMENT AND PROPERTIES

Forests and Soil Development S Torreano 1208

Landscape and Soil Classification for Forest Management L T West 1216

The Forest Floor R D Briggs 1223

Nutrient Cycling L A Morris 1227

Nutrient Limitations and Fertilization H G Miller 1235

Soil Contamination and Amelioration H Goldemund 1241

Waste Treatment and Recycling W L Nutter and L A Morris 1248

Water Storage and Movement M Weiler and J J McDonnell 1253 SOLID WOOD PROCESSING

Adhesion and Adhesives C E Frazier 1261

Chemical Modification R M Rowell 1269

Protection of Wood against Biodeterioration T P Schultz and D D Nicholas 1274

Protection from Fire C R Mclntyre 1283

Recycling JI Zerbe 1288

Drying M R Milota 1293

Finishing W C Feist 1302

Machining R Szymani 1308 SOLID WOOD PRODUCTS

Glued Structural Members J A Youngquist and R Youngs 1313

Structural Use of Wood S Smulski 1318

Lumber Production, Properties and Uses F G Wagner 1327

Construction; Logs, Poles, Piles, Sleepers (Crossties) J A Youngquist and R Youngs 1331

Wood-based Composites and Panel Products F A Kamke 1338

STREAMFLOW see HYDROLOGY: Hydrological Cycle; Impacts of Forest Conversion on Streamflow; Impacts of Forest Management on Streamflow; Impacts of Forest Management on Water Quality; Impacts of Forest Plantations on Streamflow. SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT Overview H Schanz Certification S Bass

Definitions, Good Practices and Certification M Karki and R B S Rawat Causes of Deforestation and Forest Fragmentation J Ghazoul and J Evans

TEMPERATE AND MEDITERRANEAN FORESTS Northern Coniferous Forests C D B Hawkins Southern Coniferous Forests I R Smith Subalpine and Boreal Forests N A Balliet and C D B Hawkins Temperate Broadleaved Deciduous Forest P S Savill Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems B Fady and F Médail TEMPERATE ECOSYSTEMS

Alders, Birches and Willows S A Harris Fagaceae R Rogers Juglandaceae R Rogers Pines P W Rundel and D M Richardson

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