Laurence C. Walker, as a research forester for government, universities, and industry, worked extensively on herbicide use, nutrient fertilization, and policy matters. For 13 years, he was dean of the school of forestry (now the Arthur Temple College of Forestry) at Stephen F. Austin State University. Subsequently, he served as the Lacy Hunt professor of Forestry, retiring with emeritus rank in 1988.

Dr. Walker held degrees from Pennsylvania State, Yale, and Syracuse universities. Consulting assignments on every forested continent included association with the U.S. Forest Service, Peace Corps, private environmental agencies, the Conservation Foundation, the National Plant Food Institute, the National Park Service, colleges, forest landowners, the wood-suing industry, attorneys, and state agencies. Among his honors were Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science; Fellow, SAF; Fellow, the American Scientific Affiliation; and Distinguished Eagle Scout (for service to one's profession for men who were Eagle Scouts as youths). His publications included eight books and more than 150 journal articles and textbook chapters.

His most recent interest was forest history: The Southern Forest: A Chronicle (University of Texas Press), Excelsior: Memoir of a Forester (SFASI Axes, Oxen and Men (Free Press), and North American Forests (CRC Press), are among his books.

During the final preparation for this book, on July 28, 1999, Dr. Laurence C. Walker, its senior author, died. His knowledge of southern forestry, his dedication to his profession, and the joy he took in the education of future foresters, were an inspiration to all who knew him. The forestry profession lost a great teacher and friend. It is hoped that these pages would meet with Dr. Walker's approval.

3rian P. Oswald is Associate Professor of Fire Ecology, Silviculture, nd Range Management at the Arthur Temple College of Forestry, kephen F. Austin State University. He earned a BS in Forestry from Michigan State University, an MS in Forestry from Northern Arizona Jniversity, and a Ph.D in Forestry, Wildlife, and Range Sciences from he University of Idaho.

Prior to joining the faculty at SFA, he was Assistant Professor of orest Ecology and Silviculture at Alabama A&M University, and spent ive years teaching forestry and range management at a community ollege on the Navajo Reservation. Dr. Oswald has published some 10 efereed articles and more than 10 proceedings manuscripts.

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