We are grateful to a number of colleagues for their assistance with the ever changing taxonomy of fungi, and drawing attention to relevant literature: Manfred Binder, Jack Fell, Ludmilla Marvanova and Peter Molitoris; Jack Fell for his witling assistance and readiness to answer questions on the ecology of aquatic yeasts; to Aisyah Alias for permission to reproduce data on the ecology of mangrove basidiomycetes from her Ph. D. thesis; to Kaoru Yamaguchi, Yousuke Degawa and Akira Nakagiri for permission to refer to their data on Peyronelina glomerulata; to Tsutomu Hattori for the tentative identification of Phellinus species on Xylocarpus granatum; to Morakot Tanticharoen and Kanyawim Kirtikara (BIOTEC) for continued support; and for the financial support of BRT research grants: R_245002 and R_248002 to enable the study of Thai marine fungi. RC thanks TIGIST for the award of a research scholarship and Somtawin Jaritkhuan for her continued support.

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