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List of contributors xi

Section 1: Basidiomycete life-style 1

1 Mycelial networks: structure and dynamics

Mark D. Fricker, Dan Bebber and Lynne Boddy 3

2 Enzymes of saprotrophic basidiomycetes

Petr Baldrian 19

3 Mycelial networks: nutrient uptake, translocation and role in ecosystems

Monika Tlalka, Dan Bebber, Peter R. Darah and Sarah C. Watkinson 43

4 Ecophysiology: impact of environment on growth, synthesis of compatible solutes and enzyme production

Naresh Magan 63

5 Fruit bodies: their production and development in relation to environment

David Moore, Alan C. Gange, Edward G. Gange and Lynne Boddy 79

6 Population biology of forest decomposer basidiomycetes

Jan Stenlid 105

Section 2: Interactions with other organisms 123

7 Interactions between saprotrophic fungi

Steve Woodward and Lynne Boddy 125

8 Interactions between saprotrophic basidiomycetes and bacteria

Wietse de Boer and Annemieke van der Wal 143

9 Interactions between basidiomycota and invertebrates

Lynne Boddy and T. Hefin Jones 155

Section 3: Basidiomycete communities: structure and function 181

10 Distribution and function of litter basidiomycetes in coniferous forests

Björn Lindahl and Johanna Böberg 183

11 Distribution and role of mat-forming saprobic basidiomycetes in a tropical forest

D. Jean Lodge, William H. McDowell, Jordan Macy, Sarah Katherine

Ward, Rachel Leisso, Karla Claudio-Campos and Kerstin Kühnert 197

12 Basidiomycete community development in temperate angiosperm wood

Lynne Boddy and Jacob Heilmann-Clausen 211

13 Wood-decay basidiomycetes in boreal forests: distribution and community development

Jan Stenlid, Reijo Penttilä and Anders Dahlberg 239

14 Distribution patterns of wood-decay basidiomycetes at the landscape to global scale

Jacob Heilmann-Clausen and Lynne Boddy 263

15 Saprotrophic basidiomycetes in grasslands: distribution and function

Gareth W. Griffith and Kevin Roderick

16 Ecology of marine and freshwater basidiomycetes

E.B. Gareth Jones and Rattaket Choeyklin

17 Conservation: selection criteria and approaches

Jacob Heilmann-Clausen and Jan Vesterholt

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