Practicing Green Gadget Living

In This Chapter

^ Taking stock of how much energy you use ^ Turning off gadgets to reduce their carbon footprints ^ Giving your gadgets and gear another go-round ^ Recycling your unwanted or useless gadgets ^ Weighing whether to make new gadget purchases ^ Relating ecofriendly electronics concepts to others

J\ green-gadget lifestyle should be pursued incrementally. You implement ¥ • a few green practices to start out, and then as they become part of your routine, you implement a few more. I predict that the more you do, the more you'll be motivated to do. But where do you begin? In this chapter, I show you that evaluating how much energy you use (and how much you unwittingly waste) will likely be an eye-opening experience. It's a vital first step.

Knowing how you use your gadgets might then motivate you to take steps to apply the standard "three Rs" of green living — reduce, reuse, and recycle. In this chapter, however, I expand on the concept of the fourth R, which I mention in Chapter 1, and tell you how to rethink the way you view gadgets. Rethinking applies to how you use gadgets you own, how you shop for new ones, and how you dispose of those that you no longer want or need. The sections in this chapter briefly describe the philosophy behind each R and present a quick list of practices for each one.

Understanding your energy usage also plays an important role in helping you make more informed choices when you acquire new, ecofriendly gadgets. If you're like me, you want to spread the word about greener gadget living, so I wrap up this chapter by giving you some tips on sharing your gadget greenness.

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